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Blade II (2002)

blade II

An uncommon transformation has happened inside the vampire local area. The Reaper. A vampire so overwhelmed by an unquenchable bloodlust that they go after vampires just as people, changing casualties who are sufficiently unfortunate to get by into Reapers themselves. Presently their rapidly growing populace compromises the presence of vampires, and soon there will not be sufficient people on the planet to fulfill their bloodlust. Edge, Whistler and an ordnance master named Scud are inquisitively called by the Shadow Council. The board hesitantly concedes that they are in a critical circumstance and they need Blade’s help. Edge then, at that point, questionably goes into a coalition with The Bloodpack, a first class group of vampires prepared in all methods of battle to overcome the Reaper danger. Cutting edge’s group and the Bloodpack are the main line of protection which can keep the Reaper populace from clearing out the vampire and human populaces.

Blade II (2002)

Blade II

Duration: 1h 57min
Release Date: 22 March, 2002 (USA)
Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Guillermo del Toro
IMDb: 6.7

Box Office Collection

Budget: $54,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend USA: $32,528,016 (Mar 24, 2002)
Gross USA: $82,348,319
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $155,010,032


ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards 2003
Top Box Office Films
Marco Beltrami
Black Reel Awards 2003
Best Film Poster
Bogey Awards, Germany 2002
Bogey Award
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2003
Best Makeup/Creature FX
Steve Johnson
Tippett Studio
MTV Movie Awards, Latin America 2002
MTV North Feed (mostly Mexico) – Best Mexican Working in a Foreign Movie (Mejor Fuga de Talento Mexicano al Extranjero)
Guillermo del Toro (director)
For El espinazo del diablo
World Stunt Awards 2003
Best Fight
Clayton J. Barber
Clay Donahue Fontenot
Blade II (2002)


Wesley SnipesBlade
Ron PerlmanReinhardt
Kris KristoffersonWhistler
Leonor VarelaNyssa
Norman ReedusScud
Thomas KretschmannDamaskinos
Luke GossNomak
Donnie YenSnowman
Matt SchulzeChupa
Danny John-JulesAsad

Writing Credits

Marv Wolfman(character)
Gene Colan(character)
David S. Goyer(written by)



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