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In an other present day, people, orcs, mythical beings and pixies have been existing together since forever ago. Two cops, one a human, the other an orc, set out on a normal night watch that will adjust the eventual fate of their reality as far as they might be concerned. Doing combating both their very own disparities just as an assault of adversaries, they should cooperate to ensure a youthful female mythical being and an idea to-be-failed to remember relic, which, in some unacceptable hands, could obliterate everything.



Duration: 1h 57min
Release Date: 22 December 2017 (United Kingdom)
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
Director: David Ayer
IMDb: 6.3

Box Office Collection

Budget : $90,000,000 (estimated)


California on Location Awards 2017
Location Team of the Year – Features
Michael Haro (supervising location manager)
Becky Brake (location manager)
Earl West (location manager)
Peter Martorano (location manager)
Dale Dreher (location manager)
George Alvarezzo (key assistant location manager)
Rich Bokides (key assistant location manager)
Rich Heichel (key assistant location manager)
William Jorgenson (key assistant location manager)
Ben McCrea (key assistant location manager)
J.P. O’Connor (key assistant location manager)
Phillip Oglesby (key assistant location manager)
Lauren Ross (key assistant location manager)
Gabriel Ynda (key assistant location manager)
David Park (location scout)
Galidan Nauber (location scout)
Daniel I. Alvarez (assistant location manager)
Chris Beal (assistant location manager)
Nancy Bruno (assistant location manager)
Anthony Carrillo (assistant location manager)
Ryan Forkin (assistant location manager)
Mario Rene Hernandez (assistant location manager)
Suzanne Shugarman (assistant location manager)
Victor Soriano (assistant location manager)
Netflix Studios (production company)


Will SmithDaryl Ward
Joel EdgertonNick Jakoby
Edgar RamírezKandomere (as Edgar Ramirez)
Noomi RapaceLeilah
Lucy FryTikka
Veronica NgoTien
Alex MerazSerafin
Happy AndersonMontehugh
Ike BarinholtzPollard
Dawn OlivieriSherri Ward
Matt GeraldHicks
Margaret ChoSergeant Ching
Joseph PiccuirroBrown
Brad William HenkeDorghu
Jay HernandezRodriguez
Enrique MurcianoPoison
Scarlet SpencerSophia Ward
Andrea NavedoCaptain Perez

Writing Credits:

Max Landis written by


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