Gemini Man

gemini man

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) an expert assassin, who is hiding out in a field as waits for his target Valery Dormov (Igor Szasz) who is a suspected terrorist, to pass by on a moving train. As he gets ready, his spotter spots a little girl standing in front of Dormov and informs Henry. Because of that, he just manages to strike Dormov in the neck.

Henry decides to retire from the life of an assassin and is later visited by his handler, Del Patterson (Ralph Brown). Henry expresses his deep regrets over all the lives he has taken over his career and how one wrong move could have ended that little girl’s life.

Henry goes to rent a boat to meet the shop’s new manager Dani Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) before going to meet his friend Jack Willis (Douglas Hodge). He tells Henry that Dormov was actually an innocent man working as a molecular biologist who worked in the States for 30 years. When Henry asks Jack where is he getting this kind information from then Jack tells him it’s his informant in Budapest, Yuri Kovacs (Ilia Volok).

A team of insurgents sneak onto Jack’s boat at night to kill him and his girlfriend. When Henry heard someone noise he wakes up and realizes men are breaking in. As soon as realizes he calls Marino to warn him but it was too late he hears him get killed over the phone. He got no choices but to run. After running from the insurgents he goes to Dani’s house to warn her. He figures that since she doesn’t seem to know about it that means she must not be on the boat, and she may be their next target. When Dani is left alone for a moment, she is attacked by a mercenary, but she beats him and get the information out of him. She then informs Henry that Lassiter sent them.

They ride a boat out somewhere unknown. Later they are found by Henry’s pilot friend Baron (Benedict Wong). Henry contacts Del to find out what is going on. He then tells him about “GEMINI”, who is working with the DIA to wipe out their agents. Then Henry asks Dani what she knows about “GEMINI”. GEMINI is just a paramilitary organization run by Clay, who originally wanted Henry and Baron to join him but they both declined.

They go to Cartagena, Columbia to find out more about GEMINI. In their hotel room, Henry spots a shooter running across the rooftops. Henry runs out and starts shooting at him. He then quickly discovers that the shooter looks exactly like him and he executes the exact same skill set as Henry. The shooter chases Henry as they both ride motorbikes. The authorities arrives before he can kill Henry. Henry figures out his name was Junior and their next move is to go to Budapest to meet Yuri to get more information from him.

Junior goes to his safe-house to treat his wounds where he met Clay, who makes Junior feel like a son. Clay shows Junior the training exercises that other GEMINI go through.

Dani reveals that Junior is Henry’s clone. Henry is left shocked at why a clone of himself would be sent to kill him. They arrive in Budapest and meet Yuri, he tells Henry that Dormov worked with GEMINI on the cloning project where he helped to design clones that could be stronger, faster and smarter.

Later Henry manages to catch Junior. Henry also tells him Clay’s reality after that Junior learns he is a clone made from Henry DNA, but he doesn’t want to believe it. He tells Junior he doesn’t want to kill him but will Junior if necessary. They both fight each other and Junior almost kills him but Dani intervenes, and Junior escapes. When he returns to GEMINI he ask Clay to tell him the truth about who he really is and Clay does.

When Junior returns home, he finds Henry, Dani, and Baron and he inject Henry with bee venom, knowing they are both allergic to bees, but after seeing the allergic reaction he quickly apply an ‘EpiPen’. Junior decides to team up with the them to stop Clay. When they were driving into town, Junior gets a call from Clay and Clay tells him to run. Suddenly they were ambushed when a tank rolls in. As soon as they are hit by an ambush, more GEMINI operatives start to attack. Among the GEMINI operative one was wearing all armor and starts firing a machine gun at them. They managed to kill the GEMINI operative but the armored one goes after them. They manage to kill the armored one when they take a closer look at the armored one, he is revealed to be another clone of Henry. When Clay regains consciousness, he start telling Henry that this was all to reduce the cost of human life in war, and by using someone as skilled as Henry. Junior points his gun at Clay, knowing the trauma from killing people Henry stops Junior and decides to blast a hole in Clay’s chest.

Gemini Man

PG : 13
Duration : 1h 57min
Release Date : October 10, 2019 (United Kingdom)
Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller
Director : Ang Lee
IMDb : 5.7

Box Office

Budget : $138,000,000 (estimated)
Gross US & Canada : $48,546,770
Opening weekend US & Canada : $20,552,372. Oct 13, 2019
Gross worldwide : $173,469,516


Yoga Awards
Worst Digital Makeup


Will Smith
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Clive Owen
Benedict Wong
Douglas Hodge
Ralph Brown
Linda Emond
Ilia Volok
E.J. Bonilla
Victor Hugo
David Shae
Theodora Miranne
Diego Adonye
Lilla Banak
Igor Szasz
Alexa Gyorgy
Fernanda Dorogi
Alexandra Szucs
Tim Connolly
Daniel Slayers
Jordan Sherley
Tony Scott
Henry Brogan / Junior
Danny Zakarewski
Clay Verris
Jack Willis
Del Patterson
Janet Lassiter
Yuri Kovacs
Junior On-Set Reference
Bicycle Messenger
Jack’s Girlfriend
Henry’s Dad
Henry’s Mom
Valery Dormov
Young Girl on Train
Lab Technician
Key Shack Agent
Patterson’s Son
High School Girl
High School Principal

Writing Credits

David Benioff
Billy Ray
Darren Lemke


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