The Avengers

The Avengers starring everyone who is awesome! The Avengers come to us with so much hype because there are a lot of settings building up to this movie. Marvel has everything riding on this movie. They choose Josh Whedon to direct this movie, just the right choice because he’s the fan boy of all fan boy!

God of mischief – Loki has come down to Earth and he is going to rain terror, he wants to rule mankind and bring his army down to Earth. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Nick Fury come together to fight this terror. We were worried that so many characters in one movie can make the story cohesive or not and not make it seem like so many different movies merged into one. They really did it! The action and special effects were all cool and amazing, but we want to talk about what this movie makes the movie so good. The characters in this movie are so fleshed out, each character is revealed to have many layers, a lot of depth, their character development and their purpose to save the world!

The Avengers

We actually start to care about the characters and it makes you forget all the other superficial stuffs. You look at each character as a real human being with their own struggles, problems and their journey.

Let’s talk about the acting in this movie starting with Loki. In our opinion, the best comic villain since the Joker in the Dark Knight without a shadow of a doubt. His character was a lot of different things – evil, funny, devious but they were not just the things that make a villain great. It was the fact that the villain knew the ways to get under each member of the Avenger’s skin. He knew every trigger button to push on the Avengers, he knew exactly how to get under their skin. He was so maniacal and mischievous. Without a villain that strong in a movie with so many heroes, this movie would not have worked. Loki brings them all together, he brings the movie to life.

This brings us to Thor – The God of Thunder and the brother of Loki. There’s a dynamic and emotional relationship between the characters and no one in the Avengers team seem to have. Their face off kind of reminded us of when Obi-wan Kenobi and Darth Vader first met in Star Wars. Seeing that face off and emotional battle between those two Galacticos just added another layer to the movie. Chris Hemsworth is just the perfect character for Thor. he’s funny, likable and charismatic.

Now let’s talk about Scarlett Johansson. One of the questions about the Black Widow was what is she going to do in the movie? She’s just an assassin. A human assassin. How is she going to go along together with the Hulk, Cap, Iron Man and the Gods? If you think she’s useless, you are wrong in this one. She kicks so many alien butts it’s insane. She and Hawkeye have a really cool relationship in the movie and it’s really good that Josh Whedon chose to go with those characters. They’re both humans and they’re both agents on the team and they would relate well to each other and they got together really well. Throughout the film, certain things needed to be taken care of that Captain America and the Hulk just can’t do. They represented the human side of the movie.

The Avengers

Now let’s talk about Mark Ruffalo. The chemistry between the incredible Hulk and the Thor was just incredible to watch. The Hulk has his own issues, he’s not sure about the inner motives of Nick Fury but decides to save the day at the end of the day. He’s funny, he smashes things, Gods even! What more can you ask for? He has pretty much all the best moments in the movie.

Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic. He has made Iron Man his own character. He is so great, John Whedon and Zak Penn did some great comedy writing for this movie. He is so funny even with his narcissism, in fact this movie is so hilarious than some of the comedy movies. One of the really cool things about Iron Man’s character in this movie in the way he matured and you see him fight with that inside him cause he’s more of a narcissistic or selfish character and you can see him as the movie progresses just becoming more of a hero and becoming like this is what I need to do and being inspiring to the people around him.

Chris Evans was really great with his role as the Captain America. Captain America is still learning and experiencing new things since he is from the past. It’s cool seeing him reacting to things and seeing if he can understand pop-culture jokes. His relationship with Robert Downey Jr. gets a little bit of a hint of them arguing. They bounce off of one another arguing yet aiming for the same goal.

There’s nothing more intimidating than Samuel Jackson giving orders with an eyepatch. The movie showed how each member of the team was integral for them to function correctly and how each one of the characters will fall into place and solve problems that befall them.

The great balance of characters with action with a terrific villain, there is not another grade we could give this movie other than an A+. We can easily say, this is one of the best Marvel’s movie ever made.


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