Thor: The Dark World

thor the dark world
  • Once every nine years, the Nine Realms of Asgard align and create portals between them, known as the “Convergence”. Earth, being one of the nine realms, Jane Foster – the girl-friend of Thor believes she and her team has discovered such anamoly. Upon investigating, Jane Foster gets sucked in by a wormhole. Foster finds herself discovering a fluid like weapon – Aether which was used by a past enemy of Asgard – Malekith to try to destroy Asgard. However, the warriors from Asgard were able to stop Malekith and his Dark Elves army, but the leader of the Dark Elves was able to flee.

    As Malekith discovers the surge of power coursing through Jane Foster from the Aether, he decides to invade and finish what he started. Thor has to find a way to fight this evil and to save his lover at the same time. Will Loki help his brother or will the God of Mischief betray his older brother?
Thor The Dark World

Thor The Dark World

Duration:  1h 52min 
Release Date: 8 November 2013 (USA)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Alan Taylor
IMDb: 6.9

Box Office Collection

Budget:$170,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend USA: $85,737,841, 10 November 2013
Gross USA: $206,362,140
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $644,783,140


Golden Schmoes Awards 2013
Coolest Character of the Year
Huading Award 2015
Best Global Actor in a Motion Picture
Chris Hemsworth
Russian National Movie Awards 2014
Best Foreign Villain of the Year
Tom Hiddleston
As Loki
Teen Choice Awards 2014
Choice Movie: Fight
Chris Hemsworth
Christopher Eccleston
Thor Odinson vs. Malekith the Accursed
Thor The Dark World


Chris HemsworthThor
Natalie PortmanJane Foster
Tom HiddlestonLoki
Anthony HopkinsOdin
Christopher EcclestonMalekith
Jaimie AlexanderSif
Zachary LeviFandral
Ray StevensonVolstagg

Writing Credits

Christopher L. Yost(screenplay by) and
Christopher Markus(screenplay by) &
Stephen McFeely(screenplay by)
Don Payne(story by) and
Robert Rodat(story by)
Stan Lee(based on the Marvel comics by) and
Larry Lieber(based on the Marvel comics by) and
Jack Kirby(based on the Marvel comics by)
Walter Simonson(character created by: Malekith) (as Walt Simonson)


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